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How To Spot a Fake Gucci Bag

Gucci is one of the more popular brands in bags and clothing. It stands to reason there would be some knock-offs floating around. The idea is to spot one before you invest in one. You want to invest in the real thing unless fake is what you want. Now some people want fake because they can not afford the real thing. In this case, the person does not mind carrying around a fake Gucci bag. Some even get by with it, especially with others who cannot tell the difference.

Are you someone who wants the real deal?

1) The zipper is very distinct. The color of the zipper will be the same color as the trim. Is there a contrasting color scheme? Then it is a fake. The cut of the pull needs to be exact. The length should not be uneven in any way. The stitching and the edge of the pull have to be the same. Anything less than this is a fake.

2) The stitching itself needs to be tight and exact. The stitching needs to be even all the way around. There should never be any stitches missing. The fakes always have something missing. The threads need to be the same color as the material schemes and patterns. Do you see a different color thread within the stitching? It is a fake.

The exception

There is only one exception to the above stitching criteria. The Emily Chain bag is the one that is different. It comes in the Antique Rose color. This is the only time when the threading will be different. All the others Gucci bags you need to examine more closely.

The myth

The myth goes that the monograms "line up" on all authentic Gucci bags. This is not true. Disregard this one when shopping for a Gucci bag. The monograms will not line up perfectly and they are not meant to.

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